The Vector System & Installation

The Optimus Vector System is:


  • an advanced engine technology solution that enables a truck to run exclusively on biodiesel. To optimize fuel savings and emission performance, the Vector System powers the engine on renewable fuel 100% of the time other than startup and shutdown. It allows a fallback to diesel operation if necessary. For more information on B100, see the Fuels page


  • A bolt-on, technology that upgrades the engine to reduce operating costs without rebuilding, replacing, or significantly modifying existing engines. 


  • Engineered to optimize the use of existing renewable fuels and to accept new fuels as they emerge. 


  • A combination of patented and patent-pending mechanical hardware and software. 


  • An intelligent system - enabling tracking and quantitative analysis of cost savings, emissions reductions, and petroleum offsets. 

It's Unique because:


  • Regulatory Compliance: No other company manufactures an EPA-compliant advanced biodiesel system designed for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.


  • Seamless Integration: Upgrades existing engines and never inhibits the use of traditional diesel. The renewable fuels utilized can be dispensed from existing diesel refueling stations. 


  • Easy Installation & Maintenance: Can be installed quickly by either Optimus or customer mechanics. The maintenance is similar to the OEM diesel system.


  • Purpose-Built Software: Optimizes the use of cleaner fuels without the need for driver input and enables tracking of key system and engine parameters for fleet technicians.


  • Rugged: Built exclusively for medium- and heavy-duty trucks that operate in harsh environments across a broad temperature range.