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The SMART way to refuel!


Refueling Station

The SMARTFuel System is an easily integrated RFID Fuel Management System (FMS) that enables fleet managers to better monitor and control their vehicles. 

The SMARTFuel solution combines with the Optimus Vector Fuel System to fully integrate the use of 100% biodiesel into medium and heavy-duty fleets. The system consists of RFID-equipped components that enable communication and interaction between vehicles, fuel dispensers, controllers, and data servers. Managers are provided with a new way to visualize their fleet, and are given measured information about fuel costs, consumption, and emissions reduction while using clean-burning 100% biodiesel. 

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What Makes it SMART

Seamless Integration

Fuel Nozzle and Vehicles are equipped with RFID Sensors. 

RFID Vehicle and Fuel Nozzle Tags allow automated vehicle identification and are programmable with specific fuel type requirements. A truck operator simply pulls up and refuels as normal. Behind the scenes the RFID tags on the fuel tank and the gas nozzle are synced and allow fuel to be dispensed.

A Personalized Solution

Fuel Dispenser and SMARTFuel Controller authorize fueling and transmit fleet data. 

Optimus and its network of fuel partners offer a total solution by providing a reliable source of biodiesel fuel for your fleet. Optimus works with the major distributors of biodiesel to set up dedicated fueling stations directly on site. 

These programmable base stations authorize fuel dispensation and relay fueling data to a central controller. This gives Fleet Managers a new level of control, and prevents any unauthorized use of the system. 

A New Way to Monitor Your Fleet

The Optimus Server collects all data for Fleet Managers to review and analyze. 

Embedded software relays fleet information to an Optimus server to track locations, fuel usuage, emissions reductions, and more. 

Optimus helps fleet managers visualize their fleet and performance data - all in real time. With this data, managers can better oversee their fleet and see firsthand all of the benefits using biodiesel offers. 

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Case Study: DC Department of Public Works

When Fleet Managers in Washington D.C. needed to cut emissions, they sought out the Optimus Vector System, which enabled their trucks to run 100%, clean-burning biodiesel. With the systems installed, D.C. Public Works then needed a reliable, on-site fueling station that would make the transition to sustainable biodiesel as simple as possible. Optimus offered a total fuel solution with the SMARTFuel RFID management system. 

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