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Optimus' brand and logo are essential aspects of our company and we ask that any use of them be consistent with the guidelines we've set below in order to avoid any copyright and legal issues.

Have a specific branding question or need different files? 


Do NOT use Optimus Technologies logos, graphics, text, or name in 

  • In, as or part of your own business name, product name, domain name, or in the name of your service.

  • To identify products or services that are not associated closely with Optimus Technologies.

  • In a manner likely to cause confusion.

  • In a manner that directly or indirectly expresses or implies Optimus Technologies sponsorship, affiliation, certification, approval or endorsement in relation to your own activities, products and services that are separate from or unrelated to Optimus Technologies, unless you have written permission to do so.

  • In connection with any obscene or pornographic materials.

  • In any way that is disparaging, defamatory or libelous to Optimus Technologies, any of its products or services, or any person or entity.

Logo Usage

  • Must be presented in clear and readable size and quality 

  • Do not apply and filters, effects, or transparency on the logo

  • Maintain proper margins around the visual so the logo doesn't look crowded 

  • Orientation should be straight and horizontal 

  • Colors should be original and not altered or appear altered 

  • Logo can be shown either in full, in full without "reduce fuel costs. reduce emissions. easily" text, or just as the logo mark (circle with gears) with context of Optimus Technologies in supplemental material

  • Logo should be presented on a white or very light gray background 

  • Logo may not be chopped or configured to fit space, or be altered in any other way that was not the original intent of usage 

PNG files have transparent background and should be used on documents and websites and other displays of this nature 

EPS is a vector image and should be configured to change the size without losing quality

Graphic Usage

  • Images must be credited to Optimus Technologies and include a link back to our website

  • Images may be cropped, filters, or altered as seen fit as long as it doesn't present the company in a negative way 

  • Images are only to used in reference to Optimus Technologies and not for stock purposes

Text Usage

  • The Vector System should always be capitalized in both words and "the" when it is used 

  • Do NOT refer to The Vector System as a bi-fuel or conversion system, it is an advanced fuel system technology, biodiesel engine technology, or an engine upgrade 

  • B100 and B99 can be used interchangeably, The Vector System runs on biodiesel only, not "biofuel"

  • The Vector System is an EPA compliant device

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