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Install & Service Partners:


Fontaine Modification Company (FMC) provides post-production modifications to commercial vehicles that bridge the gap between what OEMs can mass produce and what the customer needs to put the trucks to work. Products range from dual steering conversions, electric drivetrain installations, and extensive cab modifications to corporate graphics applications for large fleets. 

Nextran Truck Centers partners with world class brands: Volvo, Mack, Isuzu, Ford, Hino, GMC & Kalmar Ottawa. With 25 locations across 7 states, Nextran Truck Centers keeps its customers moving forward from the Rocky Mountains to the sandy beaches of Florida.

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Johnson Truck Center is a certified installation and service partner for Optimus’ Vector System. Serving fleets in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., Johnson Truck Center is part of the Indel Power Group’s network of 15 on-highway service centers located throughout New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

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Penn Power Group is a freightliner dealer and a certified installation and service provider for Optimus’ Vector System, with locations in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.


O’Halloran International, a Trivista Company, is an authorized Navistar International dealership and a certified installation and service provider for the Vector System. O’Halloran is based in Iowa, with four locations across the state.

Fuel Partners:


ADM sustainably produces biodiesel from vegetable oils in the European Union, Brazil, Canada and in the United States. ADM currently operates five trucks on their company-produced 100% biodiesel with Optimus’ Vector System.  

Chevron Renewable Energy Group is a global supplier and producer of renewable fuels, including biodiesel and renewable diesel, renewable chemicals, and other products. Chevron REG has partnered with Optimus Technologies to supply a wide-range of our clients with 100% biodiesel to fuel their fleet trucks.

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World Energy is one of the largest and longest-serving low-carbon fuel suppliers in North America. We manage the complete low-carbon fuel supply chain for large-scale businesses, governments, and institutions to make it simple for our partners to transition to cleaner energy and immediately start reducing their carbon footprint.

Industry Partners:


NACFE, The North American Council for Freight Efficiency, works to drive the development and adoption of efficiency enhancing, environmentally beneficial, and cost-effective technologies, services and methodologies in the North American freight industry. Optimus sponsors this leading organization to highlight the many ways fleets can decarbonize now.  

The Black Fleet Network is a mosaic of professionals that drive the industry forward. Our expertise is immeasurable, and our vibe is the substance that defines culture. Fueled by legacies of tenacity, ingenuity, and wild accomplishment - we understand our responsibility to the next person. Optimus is a proud sponsor of BFN to support its' members and our customers.  

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Association for the Work Truck Industry is a trade association of over 2,100 companies that work with commercial trucks, trailers, and accessories. The Green Truck Association, a division of NTEA, brings together vehicle and engine manufacturers with technology companies to improve the efficiency and productivity of work trucks through the development and deployment of strategies to reduce diesel and gasoline consumption and the associated environmental impacts. 

Clean Fuels Alliance is the trade association representing the US biodiesel industry, which reduces dependence on imported diesel, creates green jobs, and reduces carbon emissions. Optimus is a member on the board and works collaboratively with Clean Fuels to encourage growth of the biodiesel industry and advance its technical priorities.


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. NYSERDA aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate economic growth, and reduce customer energy bills. NYSERDA awarded Optimus first place in its 76West Clean Energy Competition.

The B20 Club of Indiana is a collaboration between the Indiana Soybean Alliance and the American Lung Association that showcases exceptional green fleets with experience using B20 or higher biodiesel blends in the State of Indiana. The B20 Club of Indiana's mission is to advance the use of domestic, renewable biodiesel as a superior and cleaner alternative to petroleum diesel fuel in the State of Indiana.

The B20 Club of Illinois is a partnership of the Illinois Soybean Association and the American Lung Association that recognizes elite green fleets with strong commitments to operate vehicles and equipment on B20 or higher blends of biodiesel in the State of Illinois. The mission of the B20 Club of Illinois is to increase the use of high-quality, low-carbon biodiesel as a renewable and cleaner-burning alternative to petroleum-based diesel fuel in the State of Illinois.


CEO’s for Sustainability is a collaboration of leaders who are accelerating the practice and policy of sustainability in business and civic circles. Optimus Technologies’ CEO, Colin Huwyler, is an active leader helping to drive positive sustainable change throughout the Pittsburgh region.

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“There is always a little uncertainty from a fleet manager when adjustments are being made to your fleet. However, there was no need for concern with Optimus. The transition was seamless, the technology works great and their team is always available to answer questions, whenever we may need.”




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