Our Company

Optimus Technologies is the market leader in advanced fuel system technology that utilize biodiesel and diesel for medium- and heavy-duty truck fleets. With Optimus, fleet operators have the simplest way to significantly reduce fuel costs and emissions, while addressing renewable fuel targets.
Founded in 2010 and based in Pittsburgh, PA, Optimus was formed to commercialize the results of five years of research and development of biodiesel systems for diesel engines. These efforts were driven by the vision and the knowledge that other alternative fuel solutions were prohibitively expensive and did not provide the same results as biodiesel. Based on this research and our patented technology, Optimus developed the Vector System – an advanced fuel system technology that enables diesel engines to run primarily on biodiesel.
Optimus is focused on providing clients a seamless transition to renewable fuels that are compatible with existing infrastructures while minimizing disruptions to their daily operations and reducing their overall operating costs. This is achieved by manufacturing industry-leading, cost-effective, EPA-compliant fuel systems while employing socially and environmentally responsible business operations.