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Welcome to the Optimus Technologies Investor Resources page. This page has preliminary resources to provide an overview of the company. If you have additional questions or would like to schedule a conversation, please reach out to Colin Huwyler at or Lori Dunn at

Did you know? 

If a class 8 truck powered by 100% biodiesel is replaced with a battery electric vehicle, the net carbon emissions output as a result could be increased by 2.5 times.

B100 Semi.JPG

Class 8 internal combustion engine trucks utilizing B100 rank as the lowest total lifecycle CO2 emissions when including truck production, operations, and disposal based on current production BEVs and US average grid mix of electricity generation sources.

Source: American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), May 2022 - Understanding the CO2 Impacts of Zero-Emission Trucks: A Comparative Life-Cycle Analysis of Battery Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Traditional Diesel Trucks

Interested in learning more about how the the Optimus Vector System is helping fleets reduce carbon emissions today? Read our Immediate Decarbonization of Class 8 Trucks, a 1.3-Million-Mile Evaluation of 100% Biodiesel in real world commercial trucking operations with ADM.

Product Overview: 

Commercial Overview

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Specialty Applications Overview

Customer Stories:

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