The Vector System can be installed easily onto any medium- or heavy-duty diesel vehicles. Our engineers design The Vector System to seamlessly integrate into each application we upgrade. During the entire process we work closely with our partners and their drivers to provide a thorough understanding of how The Vector System functions. 

We also offer comprehensive training and certification programs for system installation and maintenance for customers that would prefer their own fleet technicians or local service centers handle the equipment installations.  

Optimus Technologies is constantly expanding the number of authorized partners for certified installations of The Vector System when integrated into new vehicles. Many companies are including The Vector System in their vehicle specifications during the bidding process. By utilizing Optimus’ ship-through options, the process of buying vehicles equipped to run on B100 is completely seamless. Contact Optimus for assistance with vehicle specification language and ship-through codes. Optimus works alongside your fleet’s preferred dealer and manufacturer to facilitate the procurement process.  

The Vector System Installs Onto






Something Else? 

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Installation Process

Upgrade the fuel tanks for biodiesel compatibility

Integrate The Vector Manifold and valves into the fuel system

 Install the User Interface into the cab.

Test The System to ensure optimal operation.

Provide training for your team to handle subsequent installations.

Our engineers adapt The Vector System to each vehicle we transition. We work closely with our partners and their drivers to provide a thorough understanding of how The Vector System functions.



After the initial installations, Optimus maintains parts availability for rapid fulfillment. Optimus’ network of service partners can also provide servicing for The Vector System or your complete engine and vehicle systems.

Seamless Integration to the OEM Diesel Systems

Preventative Maintenance

The only preventative maintenance item on the system is a dedicated fuel filter, which is changed similarly to the vehicle’s diesel fuel filter.

Serviceable components such as valves, sensors, pumps, etc. are all designed for HD engines and are serviceable in the same manner as the OEM components. 

Components Designed for Heavy-Duty Engines

Real-Time Feedback

The Vector System provides direct real-time feedback on operating parameters of the system and guides the technician to system components that are operating out of spec for easy troubleshooting and repair.


Optimus provides technical support via email, phone, or on-site contact.

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