The Vector System is a dual-fuel technology that enables heavy-duty diesel vehicles to operate on B100 (100% biodiesel) with no changes to the inner components of the engine, and with little to no additional infrastructure needed. But, how does this actually work?

There are 5 components that make up this system: a B100 fuel tank, a Vector manifold, a electronic control unit, fuel valves and a user interface. As a bolt-on system, it is easy to upgrade existing vehicles or add it to new vehicles during the assembly process.

Check out this video, where CEO, Colin Huwyler, walks through what this system looks like in action:

This Vector System is the best way to reduce the CO2 emissions of heavy-duty fleets, at scale, today. At Optimus, we combine guaranteed operational dependability and near zero carbon emissions, making this the best option to meet your ESG goals, with little to no impact on operations.

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