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Our Fueling Solution

Biodiesel is a domestically produced, renewable fuel that has significant environmental and economic advantages over traditional petroleum-based fuels, natural gas, hydrogen, and even electric vehicles. Optimus’ Vector System allows vehicles to benefit from these advantages by enabling them  to run on 100% pure biodiesel fuel (B100). By upgrading trucks with The Vector System, fleets can drastically reduce emissions and fuel costs without disrupting their existing infrastructure and operations.


On-Site and Regional Fueling

Optimus primarily focuses on return-to-base fleets, but can provide biodiesel solutions for fleets that operate along dedicated routes across regions. We even offer portable, above-ground refueling systems that can be provided for an evaluation period – get in touch with us to discuss details.

Nationwide Fueling Partners

Get access to a nationwide network of B100 providers with Optimus’ Fuel Partner Network. This growing network of major biodiesel producers and distributors offers a range of fueling options, including railcar or truckload delivery, a jobber network for smaller volume needs, portable above-ground fueling tanks, and commercial cardlock stations for the best fit option to ensure your seamless transition to a sustainable fleet. 

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Take advantage of high-quality. Request “BQ-9000” fuel, which is certified by an independent quality management program. Optimus and it’s partners utilize and provide BQ-9000 to ensure the biodiesel used meets industry standard ASTM D6751 specifications. 


BQ-9000 Fuel Providers


Pricing of Biodiesel

Biodiesel is eligible for a number of tax credits and discounts offered at the state and federal level to encourage organizations to use the cleaner fuel. Fleets in many regions of the U.S. are able to take advantage of these incentives to significantly reduce their fleet’s fuel costs. 

Biodiesel economics are traditionally competitive to or at a discount to traditional diesel in bulk purchase quantities. Due the the significant number of factors impacting pricing, please contact Optimus if you are interested in receiving a quote for biodiesel fuel. Optimus works with our vast biodiesel supplier network to leverage the best possible fuel price for our customers.

Certifications and Safety

Optimus works with fleet managers to obtain any necessary certifications or compliance with regulations for your jurisdiction such as EPA, NFPA, SPCC, NTEP, etc., which vary based on factors like local regulations and existing infrastructure.


Biodiesel Storage and Dispensing

Biodiesel storage and dispensing is similar to that of diesel storage and dispensing. Biodiesel stored in either underground storage tanks (USTs) or above-ground storage tanks (ASTs), must still comply with federal, state, and local laws. Generally, earning compliance is a straightforward process, which involves verifying that all pumps, overfill protection devices, seals, etc. are biodiesel compatible. Need help? Contact Optimus and we can make sure you’re on the right path to compliance.

In some regions, biodiesel is exempt from some of the strict regulations because it is considered an NFPA Combustible Class IIIB liquid, which means it has a higher flash point than petroleum diesel and is generally safer to handle. Before purchasing any equipment or beginning any construction, it’s always a good idea to have a site plan reviewed by the appropriate agencies. 


Simplified Regulatory Compliance

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