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The DC Department of Public Works' (DPW) switch to 100% biodiesel is a part of Washington D.C.’s efforts to achieve 50% greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2032, with the ultimate goal of an 80% reduction by 2050. 


Name: DC Department of Public Works

Location:  Washington D.C.

User Since: 2018

Number of Optimus Equipped Trucks: 70

Truck Type: Municipal Refuse Haulers


What brought DCDPW to partner with Optimus and test out The Vector System? What were your goals in turning to B100 fuel use?

I read an article in a Municipal magazine about 5-6 years ago highlighting Pittsburgh’s use of the system. Our goals were GHG and petroleum base fuel reductions. 

What is it like working with Optimus?

Optimus makes it very easy to introduce this new system to the fleet as they do the legwork of matching the system to the trucks we purchase. We can rely on them for quick responses, training, and any other requests we have.

What achievements have been made so far in the partnership?

Our pilot of six trucks was successful with no issues and significant GHG reductions. We recently took ownership of another 17 Optimus equipped refuse trucks and have 70 new trucks on order. DPW plans to have all of its refuse trucks equipped with the Optimus system going forward.

How has Optimus Technologies helped your fleet better align their company values?

It has been the perfect system for DPW as we are a large fleet of medium and heavy duty trucks with a need to reduce GHG emissions. There are not many other options for emissions reductions with these types of vehicles in the industry and of those other options there are large expenses for both vehicles and fueling infrastructure. Optimus offers both an inexpensive vehicle system as well as fueling infrastructure that can be incorporated into existing sites.

“Cutting carbon isn’t an option. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser says it is something we must do, both as a nation, and as the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital.”


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