Who We Are: 

Our revolutionary Vector System is an advanced fuel system technology that enables engines to operate on 100% biodiesel, resulting in drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and significant fuel savings. Optimus Technologies helps you reduce your fleet’s operating costs, carbon emissions, and meet your long-term sustainability targets in a cost-effective way. 

The Vector System

  • Improves fleet sustainability

  • Upgrades existing engines              

  • Is quick and easy to install          

  • Has a fully automated operation       

  • Is purpose built for heavy-duty (HD) applications

Fleets are reducing millions of lbs of C02 from the atmosphere with Optimus Technologies

Why Biodiesel? 

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Save Fuel Cost

Increase Energy Efficiency

For Government Fleets

“Our drivers tested the Vector system on 5  heavy duty plow trucks. The first weekend with the Vector system we had a blizzard with temperatures at -10 F.  The trucks worked flawlessly, 24/7 in plowing operations.”

– Rich Iverson, Fleet Support Manager with City of Ames

For Commercial Fleets

“Optimus Technologies’ Vector System offers an immediately-available, cost effective solution for fleets across the nation looking to lower their carbon footprint and transition to more sustainable operations.” 

– Mark Fitz, Owner of Star Oilco.

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