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City of Ames is keeping their land green and air clean thanks to the use of 100% biodiesel (B100) in 12 city multi-purpose trucks. 


Name: City of Ames

Location:  Ames, Iowa

User Since: 2020

Number of Optimus Equipped Trucks: 12

Truck Type: Snow Plows


What brought City of Ames to partner with Optimus and test out The Vector System? What were your goals in turning to B100 fuel use?

The City was looking to reduce its carbon emissions and reach our sustainability goals. We were referred to Optimus through our connections with REG.  

What is it like working with Optimus?

Optimus has been very informative about the product and process. They helped us to understand how it works and how it would benefit us. They are accessible and incredibly responsive to questions, it has been a great experience so far.

What achievements have been made so far in the partnership?

With the seven new trucks ordered, City of Ames is projected to quadruple it’s reduction in carbon emissions. The City had tested some electric vehicles back in 2014 and saw only a 4% decrease. Optimus helped us significantly reduce to our target goals. We are also getting noticed, by our citizens and other municipalities who want to achieve similar goals. 

How has Optimus Technologies helped your fleet better align their company values?

The City of Ames is committed to becoming a more sustainable organization, promoting conservation, and encouraging renewable energy within our community. We are committed to making environmentally sound choices in how we operate, in the equipment we purchase, the services we provide, and the policies that guide our organization’s decision making. Optimus fits right into that. 

"The City of Ames has found a solid partner in reducing our carbon impact. The staff at Optimus has put in the hard work to develop a reliable system."


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