Who We Are

Optimus Technologies is a clean energy technology company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Our revolutionary Vector System is an advanced fuel system technology that enables engines to operate on 100% biodiesel, resulting in drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and significant fuel savings. Optimus Technologies helps you reduce your fleet’s operating costs and carbon emissions and meet your long-term sustainability targets in a cost-effective way.


In 2003, Colin Huwyler was a college freshman at the University of Buffalo experimenting with biofuels on his Volkswagen Jetta. These experiments ultimately led Colin to create a biofuel system for passenger vehicles, and over the years this drew interest from a number of private fleets who wanted to utilize the technology to reduce the emissions of their heavy-duty trucks. 

In 2010, Colin founded Optimus to serve the needs of private and municipal fleets. After conducting extensive research on other alternative fuel products like natural gas, hydrogen, and electric, Optimus set out to develop a low-carbon solution that provides fleets the performance and reliability their applications demand while being practical, affordable, and easily implemented without the need for massive investments in new vehicles or infrastructure. That solution was the Vector System. 

Optimus’ Vector System provides a seamless, cost-effective transition to biodiesel, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions over 80%.


Optimus filed its first patents in 2012 and deployed its first prototype for fleet use in 2013. Its team of innovators and engineers are continuously working to improve the technology, functionality, and performance of the Vector System to ensure seamless transitions to low-carbon fuels.

Fleets are reducing millions of lbs of C02 from the atmosphere with Optimus Technologies

Our Work

To date, Optimus has reduced carbon emissions for a range of fleets, from small municipalities to Fortune 50 companies and received several accolades, including the Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence from Governor Tom Wolf and winning the $1Million Grand Prize in NYSERDA’s 76West Clean Energy Competition. 

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